COVID-19 Information

Dear PCPFM families,

As of now, Alabama has 12 coronavirus cases. Our office has been preparing for this inevitability. We want everyone to know we are here to help.

First of all, We want everyone to take a deep breathe and stay calm, that most precautions are being taken out of an abundance of caution and to contain spread to high risk populations, people 70 y.o. and above, people with underlying medical problem like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Asthma, COPD and others respiratory problems. Kids are at the least risk which to all of us as parents is reassuring.

When you call our office and talk to our staff, you will hear a new triage. Patients will be triaged per CDC guidelines. Our aim is to continue excellent care. We are starting telehealth care for our patient that can be managed without leaving their homes.  Insurances are allowing for care coordination and telehealth billing so you will see charges for the same when you receive care.

The guidelines are also calling for swabs not to be done at offices to minimize droplet spreads from coughing and sneezing. Quest Labs and other labs are now equipped for all swabs including COVID testing.

We ask everyone to call our office first to make any sick appointments.  You will be brought in only if we feel it is necessary.

In addition, beginning Monday, March 16th we are making following changes.

  • We are starting tele-health or E-visit, we have limited appointments, please call to make appointment.
  • Well-child visits and Physicals in the mornings
  • ALL non-sick Follow up appointment in mornings (Chronic illness: Diabetes f/u, High Blood pressure, Heart disease, asthma, ADHD follow-ups, rashes, weight-checks in babies, etc)
  • Same-day sick visits for issues such as allergies, rashes, ear pain, sore throat without fever, vomiting, injuries, etc. will be scheduled as normal.
  • All visits for fever + cough will be scheduled at afternoons
    • For Adult: only patients are allowed in the room.
    • For children: one child + one adult. No siblings and no extra adults in the room at the visit.
  • We ask you to sign up for patient portal. You can check in via portal. If you wish to wait in your car you are welcome. We will call you when we have room available.


  • We do not have test for COVID-19 at this time, unless symptoms are severe we urge you to treat it at home
  • If you are having fever, cough and shortness of breath and you are concern about COVID19, please call ER before you go in. 

If you or your child more than 2 years  is scheduled for a check-up/ wellness visit in the next 1 month, and you would like to reschedule it, please call our office . Our NO Show policy still holds, so please call to cancel or reschedule appointment 24 hrs ahead of time.

Warm Regards,


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