Lab Draw

In partnership with Madison Core Labs, Primary Care  Pediatric & Family Medicine is  offering several benefits for patients:

  • Almost any blood work/labs can be drawn in our office.
  • Labs for our patients can be drawn in our office even when a patient is not due for an office visit.
  • Most insurances are contracted with Madison Core Labs.

We are doing in house lab draw for ease for our patients and easy accessibility of lab report to both , there by assisting in making medical decision  and better health outcome.

For more information about Madison Core Lab, please see their website,

To avoid delays in patient care and long waits, we do require a lab appointment to be set for lab draws. Madison Core lab will directly bill your insurance company with the information that you provide us at the time of your visit.

Some of the in-house labs we offer:

  1. Rapid Flu test
  2. Rapid Strep test
  3. RSV test
  4. Mono test
  5. Urinalysis
  6. Urine Pregnancy test
  7. Finger Stick Glucose test

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